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Jewelry Website Building for Dummies
2004 by Heidi Batiste; all rights reserved

I knew absolutely nothing about website building prior to beginning my whole online jewelry business venture. But if I got through it, I am confident that anyone can do the same.

I came to Home Jewelry Business Success Tips throughout the entire process for answers or advice, and have to credit it for most of my success thus far.

I knew I wanted to build a website as cheaply as possible because I had already overspent on materials for making my jewelry. So I began by downloading Yahoo's free site builder, and with the assistance of the help menu, I began to create.

Once I had the website built, I signed up for Yahoo's starter package, which was only $11.95 each month - this included the registration of my domain name. I saw that Yahoo offers a "Starter E-commerce Site" for $39.95 per month and a 1.5% transaction fee, but I decided to search around for other e-commerce support (or shopping cart software). (Note from Rena: The "Starter E-commerce Site" also requires an additional monthly fee of $22.95 for Paymentech's credit card processing service.)

I found Mal's E-commerce. This service offers a free shopping cart and no transaction fees. If one chooses to become a premium member, the price is $6 per month--still very cheap! So I signed on with Mal's and next thing you know I have an online store! For detailed instructions, please see my second article, Setting Up Shopping Cart Software for Your Online Jewelry Store.

I signed on with Propay and PayPal, and after signing on with PayPal, I noticed that they offer a free shopping cart as well to their business members.

This entire process from building and designing a site to installing shopping cart software happened within two days . . . and I did it all for $11.95 per month with no start up costs. If my business begins to take off, I may have to upgrade my site. But as a new business on the internet, I feel more secure knowing that I have made a very small cash investment to start.

For more info on building a jewelry website, see Recommended Jewelry Business Website Resources..

Author Heidi Batiste of Mia's Treasure creates handmade jewelry gifts using only the finest semiprecious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and sterling silver. She offers free gift wrap with each jewelry item, and welcomes custom orders.


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