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The Modern Bridesmaid
By Sher Matsen

It’s a whole new day, and there is a whole new look for bridesmaids. It’s a welcome change from the past years. At it’s not just the bridesmaids look that has gotten a facelift, the brides are sporting a whole new look too.

Traditional wedding gowns and traditional white will always be a choice. That’s a tradition that’s just not going to disappear. And that’s okay. But the choices now available for the modern bride are welcome change, allowing those creative juices to flow, and one’s own personality to stand out.

The history of the bridesmaids attire is quite interesting. In past centuries brides wore elaborate colorful gowns, and bridesmaids wore similar gowns. This was to disguise the bride and protect her from being kidnapped by evil spirits. By the Victorian era things had changed producing brides that wanted to stand out in the crowd. Thus the formal elaborate white wedding gown entered the wedding fashion scene. However the bridesmaids attire didn’t change, remaining bold and frilly.

Well this century bridesmaids have a lot more to say about what they wear. Not only have the traditional dresses taken on a more sophisticated and elegant look. Many brides now let their bridesmaids choose their own dress based on the chosen color scheme. All bridesmaids weren’t created equal. By allowing them to choose a dress that flatters them, you have happier bridesmaids and better photo ops.

Gowns and dresses worn by the modern bridesmaid are often functional enough for other formal events and gatherings. A much smarter alternative to the expensive gown that’s worn once then buried deep in the closet never to be seen again. We all remember wearing one of those “awful” dresses at some point.

There are also no longer fast and set rules on how many bridesmaids you must have. The size of your wedding often relates to how many attendants, and these days the choice is entirely up to you. Tradition has gone out the window, a pleasing thought for many future brides. You can even have more than one maid of honor if you wish. The rules you must play by are your own rules.

The same new rules apply to your flower girl[s] and ring bearer[s] choose more than one, have only one, have one of each. The best age range for this very important little people’s job is between 5 and 7. Younger children have a harder time staying focused. Now if you don’t’ mind if they mess up a little bit, then by all means you can choose a younger child. After all they can be a great source of amusement! Older children will also be thrilled to be chosen to man the guestbook or help guests. It makes them feel extra special.

The more bridesmaids you have the more coordination and communication your going to have to take care of. Remember you’ll have plenty of issues to deal with from dresses, to nails, to hair, to jewelry. So don’t choose more bridesmaids than you think you can handle. This is supose to be a happy time for you and stress doesn’t make a person happy.

Forget the old theory that if you don’t include everyone that’s close to you, there will be hard feelings. Most women have outgrown this childish thought pattern, and recognize that the modern bride has tough choices to make to stay within budget and fulfill her special day. Sometimes a future bride just has too many close friends to have them all in the wedding party. Relax! Invite them to the wedding, and if you want ask them to do special favors such as perhaps your nails or your hair, depending on their own unique talents.

The maid of honor has a role to play besides in the wedding party. She needs to be the brides right arm and help with any wedding tasks she can. She can help select the wedding gown, get the invitations in order, arrange a wedding shower, help with choosing a reception location, help decorate, or even help prepare the food. The duties that can be assigned to your made of honor are endless, just be sure not to overwhelm her with too many requests. Your maid of honor is like the brides personal first aid kit. Ready to fix anything that’s broken.

Bridesmaids also play an important role by planning the bridal shower, preparing munchies, cake, or sandwiches for the shower. They are also there to support and help the bride whenever they can.

For the modern bride these are happy times, choices are endless, you can make your fashion statement and let your bridesmaid’s make theirs. No more having to follow traditions unless you want to. Planning the perfect wedding has never been easier!

Copyright Sher Matsen, All Rights Reserved.

About the author:
Sher from Estate Jewelry International have been serving customers for over 20 years, providing affordable estate jewelry, and a wealth of information on jewelry, fashion, designers, and beauty with on staff industry professionals. Please visit us at Estate Jewelry International.


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