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Wedding Planning Books
By Sher Matsen

You said “I do!” Now why do you feel a big knot in your stomach every time you start to think about planning your wedding? This is suppose to a happy time right? Yet you break into a cold sweat the moment anyone asks you “How’s the planning going?” Well stop fretting, right this instant! And check out these fabulous Wedding Planning Books. They’ll be the best money you spend!

Easy Wedding Planning Plus 5th Edition is done very nicely, with an updated cover, divided sections, and some wonderful inspirational photos. This book includes current wedding etiquette, price ranges, and modern tips and advice. It’s one the most informative planners on the market. There is also a section of things to ask those companies that will be providing services for you. Complete budget analysis and some great tips to save you money. Retail price is $19.95 and it’s available at Chapters, Amazon, and on Ebay.

The Ultimate Wedding Workbook and Organizer is based on the Easy Wedding Workbook, but comes with a modern updated look. This is a comprehensive workbook with over 140 worksheets to help you keep track of all the information you collect while you are planning your wedding. It even comes complete with an accordion file for quick storage of receipts, quotes, and other related paraphernalia. Over 140 worksheets, 13 label pockets, 8 organizers. Retails for $29.95 and it’s available at Chapters, Amazon, and on Ebay.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner comes complete with customizable worksheets, checklists, wedding etiquette, calendars, and answers to the most frequent questions. This practical companion to The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World acts as a stand-alone guide to the nuts and bolts of planning a wedding. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is where the bride and groom can record wedding ideas, create budget guidelines, check items off their to-do list, generate the guest list, store contact information for their wedding vendors, and get tips and advice on the best way to plan their big day. Retails for $16.95 and it’s available at Chapters, Amazon, and on Ebay.

The Beverly Clark’s Wedding Planner is America’s #1 best-selling wedding planner, filled with essential information, special touches, and hundreds of unique ideas. Includes checklists, worksheets, and organizer pockets. Endorsed by Doris Nixon of National Bridal Services. Retails for $24.95 and it’s available at Advantage Bridal, Amazon, and on Ebay.

Your Stress Free Wedding Planner – Expert’s Best Secrets to Creating The Wedding of Your Dreams takes your vision and turns it into reality. It begins with an indepth questionnaire that involves both the bride and groom, and helps them better understand their thoughts and dreams for a memorable wedding day. Careful attention is given to wedding tasks leaving no assignment unaccomplished. A very helpful planner to make your special day extra special! Retails for $19.95 and it’s available at Chapters, Amazon, and on Ebay.

Indulge a little and find a wedding planner book that suits you and your style of accomplishing goals. It will be money well spent, and it will help you plan a memorable wedding with the least amount of stress.

Copyright Sher Matsen, All Rights Reserved.

About the author:
Sher from Estate Jewelry International have been serving customers for over 20 years, providing affordable estate jewelry, and a wealth of information on jewelry, fashion, designers, and beauty with on staff industry professionals. Please visit us at Estate Jewelry International.


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